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Created the Fundação Alice Figueira de Apoio ao IMIP, the Faculdade Pernambucana de Saúde (FPS) educational citizenship, FPS graduates healthcare professionals as citizens who are committed to excelency in Offering skilled world, the teaching method PBL – Problem-Based Learning – a constructivist approach to active learning, student-focused and problem-based, which act as triggers of stimuli for learning.


The FPS campus consists of
- A 33,000 m² area
- Library with about 900 journals in the health sciences and over 1,000 in humane and applied sciences
- Classrooms and labs with air-conditioning
- Several laboratories around the campus, both specialized for each individual courses or common to all courses.

Teaching Hospital
FPS students can count on the structure of the teaching hospital complex in the North/ Northeastern Brazil and one of the largest in the Latin America, IMIP, which offers students a variety of scenarios in their professional field. To assist in teaching-learning process, the hospital-school makes many facilities available to students, such as tutoring and classrooms, auditoriums, cultural space, computer labs and library with computer terminals and an extensive database.


- Medicine
- Nursing
- Pharmacology
- Physical Therapy
- Psychology
- Nutrition

For more information, contact us:
+55 81 3035.7777 / 3312.7777